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About Kerona

Kerona is a Dutch company based in Zuidhorn near the city of Groningen. Kerona was founded in 2000 and provides tailor-made software solutions.

Our main expertise lies in the field of Web development based on Microsoft technologies. Currently we mostly work with C# ASP.Net 3.5 with AJAX extensions in combination with SQL Server Database.

Most of our customers are active in the energy sector. The Dutch energy market was deregulated starting 2001 with the objective to promote competition and by that lower energy prices. Customers are now free to chose their energy supplier where in the past the local energy company provided the energy for everybody in that area.

After the market was liberated lots of changes where needed for the existing energy companies also some new companies where founded. For a more comprehensive story about the Dutch energy market see DeEnergieGids.nl (Dutch).

Kerona was active in the liberated energy market from the very start and worked on new IT applications for several new energy companies from the basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and communicating with the EDSN protocol to calculating invoices and billing.

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